With great power comes great responsibility…

We would like to apologize for the delays surrounding the Bears For Humanity plush toy NFT release and the Discord server POAP & PEBBLE airdrops.

What we thought would be simple gifts for early adopters and a unique innovation have proven to be time-consuming challenges that distract from our main goals and growth.

We will honour the $PEBBLE airdrop for the first 1000 discord server members or those who have filled out the Google Form in the #💲pebble-airdrop-claim channel at a later time when we can find an efficient method for BSC airdrops.

The POAP has proven to be more challenging & time-consuming than anticipated. Even when sending out messages individually from Kevin’s personal account, we received messages the code we sent was already claimed.

We would like to offer everyone the ability to claim our Tezos NFT free in our Discord server channel #🎨free-promotional-nft simply comment your TEZOS wallet address and we will transfer the NFT — PLEASE USE THAT CHANNEL ONLY 🙏

After much debate, we have come to the decision to not pursue the plush toy production with Bears For Humanity currently. As the costs and logistics became more challenging by the day, we found it increasingly more difficult to keep the plush penguins within a reasonable sales price for you.

We would still like to approach this idea in the future but the time allotted to these challenges currently was impeding our ability to support your investments in $PEBBLE. We believe focusing our energy on the many other aspects of our company will help us achieve our goals of donations to the environment and children while helping your investment grow.

Although we are sad the plush penguins will remain a dream for the time being, we’re excited by what we have accomplished in our short 3 months.

  • Token $PEBBLE is live with a strong community of long term holders
  • Our community is growing every day with over 2600 followers on Twitter, 800 Telegram members, and 1100 Discord members
  • antARTica Metaverse is live with award-winning and independent artists work on display
  • The First Tuxedo Club reward for the top $PEBBLE holders was distributed as a Companion NFT for The Nemesis at a value of 0.05 ETH to the top 20 holders
  • Our first mini-game is almost ready for release in the metaverse. ($PEBBLE buyback and burn is blended with Gamefi redistribution rewards for top scores)

For some more good news…

We still have our genesis NFTs to release drawn by Jun Primero of Mercenary Art Studio.

In our effort to ensure the environment is considered and supported through our donations every step of the way, we are proud to announce our genesis NFTs will be minted carbon neutral.

We are extremely excited to welcome Project Ark to the family, they are an environmentally-driven NFT platform by Carbonbase, World Wildlife Fund and WWF Panda Labs!!

Project Ark is partnered with Chainlink, Polygon, Chicken Waffle, and many other industry leaders as well as environmental media platforms like National Geographic!

Project Ark is the brainchild of Carbonbase, a Green Tech start-up which has partnered with WWF Panda Labs. The Project Ark NFT collaboration is the first time that WWF is experimenting with NFTs to power conservation projects.

The Project Ark genesis drop was in partnership with WWF Romania. The WWF Romania team has focused on re-introducing the bison in the Carpathian forests after 200 years of its absence, preventing poaching and bringing balance to the forest ecosystem. You can read more about the campaign on WWF’s website here: more information.

Together we will be releasing 2 variations of our trio of penguin friends as Purple Penguin’s genesis NFT release. Anyone who mints our genesis Manaaki, Pebble & Hau NFT will gain early access minting when we drop our “Vagrant Penguins” gamified NFTs later this year designed by Mercenary Art Studio & The Nemesis.

Genesis NFT Drop Grand Prize… What happens now?

Experiences are more fun when they can be shared.

To continue our initial genesis drop giveaway offering, we will be providing a day at your local zoo to 2 prize winners and their families/ friends (5 tickets of entry total each) instead of airfare to Dallas for 1 prize winner and a guest.


Website: https://purplepenguin.finance/

antARTica: https://thenemesis.io/@antartica

Discord: https://discord.gg/uQkJbG2ZuC

Telegram: https://t.me/Pebbleofficial


Website: https://project-ark.co

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeAreProjectArk

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