Project Ark Genesis NFT Drop Fundraiser and Gamer Pass

Purple Penguin is primed for their Genesis Drop featuring two NFT designs — only 1,000 minted, 500 of each style — to introduce the world to Manaaki, Pebble, and Hau, three penguins who journey across our planet to learn how climate change endangers life of all kinds. When they discover that their last chance at salvation exists on an ice world called antARTica, the penguins plan their escape from Earth and climate change, and migrate to their new home, where they’re faced with an entirely new set of challenges. Manaaki, Pebble, and Hau have been brought to life by renowned creator Jun Premiro of Mercenary Art Studio, whose work has been featured in the DC and Marvel universes, Upper Deck products, and more.

These purpose-driven penguins are committed to saving every species of animal, including their own. 3o% of total mint proceeds will help save the last 1% of African penguins from extinction through an organization called Saving Penguins. An array of assaults on African penguins and their habitat by humans over the last 200 years has stripped away their rich stores of guano, fished away their food supply, and decimated their numbers. Because the remaining penguins have insufficient guano available to build proper nests, the team at Saving Penguins has painstakingly developed an artificial nest capable of providing the precise micro-climate necessary for a bird to recognize their new nest as a safe and proper shelter to lay eggs and raise their young. Hundreds of these nests were installed on Bird Island, a 47-acre nature reserve off the coast of South Africa, where one penguin laid an egg after just four days, and penguin families had put down roots in 98% of the brand new nests!

Project Ark’s partnership in this NFT endeavor means that each piece will be minted responsibly and sustainably on Polygon, a Layer 2 multi-chain protocol offering quick, cheap, and extremely energy-efficient transactions backed by the security of Ethereum, with any potential minute amount of carbon emissions generated being offset. Polygon and Project Ark continue to work together to maximize the environmental impact of each NFT minted.

Manaaki, Pebble, and Hau officially debut on August 27, when their NFTs can be minted at Project Ark’s website and OpenSea, the first and largest digital marketplace.

Each NFT minted gives you an entry for a chance to win 5 passes to your local zoo!

1 Prize winner per NFT
2 Prize winners total

• Each genesis NFT will be mintable for 0.016 ETH approximately $50 USD.

• Each NFT from the genesis drop will only have 500 copies available (1000 total)

• 30% of proceeds will be donated to

This penguin trio is only the beginning of Purple Penguin’s mission to tackle climate change. To thank our early supporters for helping us donate to the oceans and penguins, the genesis NFT release with Project Ark has a bonus utility.

These Genesis NFTs will act as your Early Access Gamer Pass for the gamified NFTs we call Vagrant Penguins!

Our Vagrant Penguins Generative NFTs aren’t your ordinary chubby penguins… these penguins are Battle Royale ready!!!

We will be releasing our second series of NFTs later this year with The Nemesis as 3D rendered interactive and upgradeable characters via Battle Arena games, based on new concept artwork by Mercenary Art Studio.

Mercenary Art Studio will design a limited run of badass comic book and video-game inspired Vagant Penguins based on Vagrant Penguins NFTs airdropped to lucky holders

• 1 Free Vagrant Penguin NFT + Gas to Tuxedo Club $PEBBLE Holders

We are proud to present Manaaki, Pebble, and Hau the Genesis NFT release from Purple Penguin, Mercenary Art Studio, and Project Ark.



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