PEBBLE DAO — Collective change starts with community 🫂🍃♻️

Launched in May 2021 as a renounced contract on the Binance Smart Chain, our community token $PEBBLE invites holders into the Purple Penguin ecosystem with unique airdrops, metaverse events, and more.

We followed this release with the Pebble & Friends Gamer Pass, a multi-purpose NFT mixing utility and charity. As a community, we raised over $3200 USDC for the Global Penguin Society.

Our intention was to offer all Gamer Pass holders the ability to mint 1 free Vagrant Penguin NFT. However, due to the current limitations of cross-chain interoperability, this task was more challenging than we anticipated.

Pebble & Friends is an ERC-1155 token minted on Matic that does not bridge (transfer) to the Solana ecosystem where the Vagrant Penguins will be minted by Gamelancer. As a result, we’ve added some additional utility for our Gamer Pass holders.

Check your wallets

With the help of our friends at Project Ark, we airdropped all our holders a NFT commemorating the launch of the Vagrant Penguins designed by our artist Bayu. This new NFT depicts the penguins shedding their black & white tuxedos to don their rave attire — ready to party… It’s Pebblemania!!!

“You don’t need to be dressed in black and white, to stay grounded.” — Morgan Cox-Lemley

Help name our forest

Every forest is a world to explore with a story to tell.

Join us in creating a permanent and ever-growing impact on the planet. Our new agroforestry partnership with Treedom will help us create a sustainable future for the next generation and protect the environment.

But first, we need to name the first 100 trees planted in our forest.

Propose a name & vote for your favorites in the Treedom Forest project channel under the Community Suggestions tab.

Cast your vote

Leading up to $PEBBLE’s 1-year anniversary, we have decided to initiate a phase of our roadmap early for Gamer Pass & $PEBBLE holders.

We want to empower our community by developing a decentralized governance system with Dework, also known as a DAO.

The Dework platform is a digital democracy where every member has an equal say in how the organization moves forward. Dework enables our community to vote and make decisions for the growth of the $PEBBLE token.

The proposal & voting processes will allow PEBBLE DAO members to make decisions for the growth of $PEBBLE, the community wallet, governance rules, donations, projects, partnerships, and beyond to have a say in the future of their ecosystem.

Access to the PEBBLE DAO will be limited to Pebble & Friends Gamer Pass, and $PEBBLE holders only!

  • $PEBBLE token or Gamer Pass = Access to the PEBBLE DAO
    (No whale manipulation of the DAO voting system)

Secure the bag

The Community Wallet will be held in the Gnosis Safe platform creating a safety net for the DAO through their multi-signature security system.

“Gnosis Safe is a smart contract wallet running on Ethereum that requires a minimum number of people to approve a transaction before it can occur (M-of-N). If for example, you have 3 main stakeholders in your business, you are able to set up the wallet to require approval from all 3 people before the transaction is sent. This assures that no single person could compromise the funds.”

Gamer Pass Secondary Royalties
The Gamer Pass proceeds were split evenly between Purple Penguin, Project Ark, and Global Penguin Society. Purple Penguin’s portion was used to fund the Vagrant Penguins' art development and marketing.

Going forward, Purple Penguin's share of secondary royalties will be allocated to the community wallet which will be governed by the PEBBLE DAO. We will be establishing a PEBBLE DAO operations team of community members to ensure approved proposals and tasks are completed.


Purple Penguin is a contributor to the PEBBLE DAO and will assist in the creation of experiences for the ecosystem as a whole. We will control initial wallet transactions until dedicated community governance is established.

Join the PEBBLE DAO by connecting your wallet.

Purple Penguin:



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