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Purple Penguin - Pebble
1 min readMar 18, 2022


Purple Penguin is proud to announce our partnership with GiveTree — a cutting-edge web3 company creating an immersive metaverse game world with a fully integrated NFT marketplace that allows your digital transactions to make an impact on the real world.

This agreement with GiveTree will open new frontiers for Purple Penguin ahead of our flagship NFT launch, soon to be released on the Solana blockchain — as well as future products from our ever-expanding universe.

As a GiveTree partner, Purple Penguin will have a dedicated plot of digital land in GiveTree’s game-for-good metaverse as well as 3D rendered versions of Pebble, Manaaki & Hau to explore their Ice Islands 🧊🐧

The Tree of Life is dying and has sent an SOS out to the animals for salvation. Hau hears her call in the wind and Manaaki insists they go and visit, as nothing is more precious in the animal kingdom than the wisdom from the Tree of Life. Our 3 Penguin friends continue on their journey with curious hearts and a new destination on their map…

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Purple Penguin - Pebble

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