Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram… it’s all too much!? 📱🐧

We get it, and we’ve been working on solutions to bring our community closer together…

Purple Penguin is proud to announce our community app partnership with FanCircles!

FanCircles launched in 2016 with a focus on the music industry and quickly adopted Web3 projects into their ecosystem. Through our partnership, you will be able to experience Purple Penguin’s custom branded app for free on mobile & desktop browsers making sure you never miss a beat.

FanCircles Is The VIP Alternative To Discord

With the boom of NFTs also came an increase in Discord hacking issues. Providing a secure custom app, FanCircles is a perfect platform to accommodate not only NFT holders but project followers too. The FanCircles platform has been built for ease of use, and to enable both holders and non-holders access to content in a familiar format with features like Push Notifications. It has “social walls” for the company and community walls for NFT holders and non-holders. The platform is designed to fulfill a multitude of media formats including video and audio. Think of FanCircles apps like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram all in one single white-labeled mobile app and web app.

FanCircles Server Is Our Own Branded Community Platform

With our own FanCircles app, we have a hub for everyone, with the community at the heart of it. Users can download our branded Purple Penguin app from both Apple and Google app stores.

FanCircles Is A Hub For Everything

Live streams (Auto archives streams)
Share Audio & Video with token gated access
Manage Meet Ups For Holders
Exclusive Merch Bundles
Conventions & Events
And more…

You can visit the FanCircles website and explore over 50 affiliate partners including Boy George, UB40, and a variety of NFT projects.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fancirclesHQ
Luckmon article about FanCircles:

Purple Penguin:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pebble_penguin
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/PurplePenguin



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