Days of Future past🎮

In the NFT space there is a lot of talk about the metaverse and developing games, at Purple Penguin we like to let the fun speak for itself.

After a long relationship between the two project founders Purple Penguin & Zone Six Games have entered a new partnership to develop the first of many games in our mission to bridge entertainment with social good.

Zone Six has the right mix of skills and passion to create fun games with a purpose. Their experience reaches beyond gaming and dev tools by extending a hand to support eco-conservation with their Ocean Assist DAO on the XRP blockchain. We are excited to show you how blockchain technology can be used to make our world a better place.

You will be able to enjoy our collaborative games in our player-focused ecosystem which features:

  • Various games designed by Zone Six
  • P2P challenges & tournaments with Mana Games
  • Guilds and free eco-friendly NFT mining through Pepper
  • Gamerhash limited event community rewards challenges
  • Gamelancer’s legendary streamers & Wondr Gaming rewards system
  • Esports gaming for social good tournaments and events

“Almost all creativity involves purposeful play” — Maslow

The first metaverse experience, as many know, was in the year 2003. This was a time before social media, Facebook, and Twitter. The world was different back then and much like now, people were looking for something different. In 2003, Second Life was released by Linden Lab.

In Second Life, you get to create anything you want — furniture, landscapes and other environments that surround you. You also get to interact with other players in this virtual world. Imagine a game where you control your own environment and your interactions!

In addition to developing our unique line of games, Zone Six is taking Purple Penguin & The Vagrant Penguins on a time-traveling journey to a world that is considered by many the first metaverse experience… Second Life

Zone Six has unlocked The Future with their Second Life integrated metaverse which will feature a giant “igloo-seum” for our community to display NFTs, hang out, and party at our virtual events.

Zone Six
The Future:

Purple Penguin:



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