Dalek & the Spacemonkeys migrate to antARTica

Our first artist reveal from the antARTica metaverse gallery… DALEK

Dalek’s art will be found somewhere in our arctic metaverse on The Nemesis platform. When you see the vibrant abstract colours in the temple of the Spacemonkey hop in the portal and explore Dalek’s mind.

Dalek is an American painter best known for his Space Monkey character. He is also known for his photography, murals, and illustrations. First rendered on a wall in Connecticut in 1995, the Space Monkey that has become synonymous with his name grew and evolved from Marshall’s love for Japanese pop culture, the “vibe” of the punk scene, street art, and cartoons. His concept of a human being lost in a growing sea of technology and convenience.

Merging animation, Japanese pop art, and an urban aesthetic, James Marshall’s Space Monkey character is a strange, vaguely humanoid mouse that he would depict in an array of bright colors and twisted circumstances, often wielding a butcher’s cleaver. Working under the name Dalek, Marshall expressed his ideas through the Space Monkey character until 2007, when he began working in a purely abstract style. He has always been engaged in skateboard and graffiti subcultures, and Marshall cites his two-year assistantship in the studio of controversial Japanese artist Takashi Murakami as a formative experience.

Dalek’s work is critically acclaimed and has been featured in numerous publications, articles, and magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Juxtapoz, and more.

He has also participated in numerous shows throughout the US, Asia and Europe, has painted murals, and a variety of commercially commissioned work for companies including Nike, Hurley, American Express, Microsoft, and Instagram.







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